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“For me, value for money comes on top priority. I clearly stated the guys at Digitlism that I want
out-of-the-box concepts for advertising my startup as I was very much panicked regarding any
fiasco. They entrusted me with some very innovative social media posts, which got liked hugely.
Then only I agreed on making a product launch event video in collaboration with Digitlism and
trust me, it was the best decision made for my venture. I’m happy I found the right guys and am
seeing a surge in business inquiries since then. Thank you Digitlism for giving wings to my

Krisha Thakkar

“I run a custom-shoe shop in New Delhi. I thought digital marketing as just another way to loot
me. The principal motive of proprietors to appoint content marketers is to endorse their
company without losing its core values. When I visited Digitlism and discussed my nature of
business with them, I was taken aback by the ideas they presented to amp-up my craft. As the
founder, even I was not aware of certain things about advertising my products as they did. Then
I got involved with them and made a documentary video, which got massive views and I started
getting bulk purchase orders. I believe Digitlism does sheer justice with your needs.” 

Nishita Rao

“I genuinely did not believe earlier that content marketing is so powerful that it can boost
purchase orders! But after subscribing the services of Digitlism, I have witnessed a sudden rise in
the inquiries. Also, Digitlism is one of those services providers who ask for your opinion even
when you are not as knowledgeable as them. I appreciate the craft of them and genuinely think
that they are competent in marketing ventures from any background. I think their strength lies
in their versatility. I thank them for helping me grow my business and give me some baseline
tips for digital marketing.” 


Sameer Duggal

“As a broking company, I used to believe my company cannot do digital marketing as there are
very narrow chances to find themes that suit a broker’s advertisement. I was concerned about
my occupation as without digital marketing and novel content, there was no other way to
attract new shareholders in the firm. Then I met these guys at Digitlism and they did wonders to
my firm by making a couple of corporate videos for me. As a result of multiple view count, I got
the much-needed exposure and I started receiving an inrush of new people wanting to do
business with me. I must admit that initially I was not sure but now I am surprised by the

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